something better beginning

the sun

(oof. this off-centre sun disturbs me. a lot.) 

Almost everyone in this zoo has dropped regular work committments in order to finish and submit their abstracts for the symposium by this evening. I hear groans and curses and sometimes even thumps of joy when a particularly genius sentence pops in someone’s head. My own desk is overflowing with scientific journals and papers and even tool specs. Ahh… improvisation is truly the last refuge of the desperate. Improvisation mind, never plagiarisation. Haha. Well, maybe a particularly beguiling sentence or two. When you’re writing about a piece of technology that’s a couple years old, it’s almost impossible to write something original about it. There are only so many ways to say you think your tool is better than anything since sliced bread and can trump anything your rivals come up with.

I emailed ex-Boss#1 to thank him for something that came up during my chat with the Regional Big Kahuna last Wednesday. I was very chuffed when he wrote back a long email that was extremely good for my ego. If you see a sloshed blob in a pink *gasp* tshirt  at Aloha later, say hello. I’m obnoxiously happy and would love to spread the love around. Hehe.

[Attention! Spoilers ahead!] Stinky and I watched Sunshine last night. If it weren’t for the ending, it’ll prolly end up in my Top 3 Sci-Fi movies of all time. As it is, the rather baffling ending puts it in somewhere around #5. And the fact that they named the spacecraft Icarus. Oi, a spacecraft whose mission plan involves in reaching the sun named after a dude that flies, falls and drowns? Aren’t you guys superstitious?? Still, it was a great movie. Delish geeks in a spacecraft, a hot emo Captain (the original not the usurper), lots of science flying around…. what’s not to lurve? If only the guy next to me didn’t have to explain everything in loud, gruesome detail (wrongly I might add) to his eejit of a girlfriend. People, if you can’t sign language silently the whole plot or understand why you can’t breathe in outer space, then please stay at home or go watch a Senario movie instead.



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2 responses to “something better beginning

  1. that sun looks like a very, very, very angry egg.

  2. thegrouch

    haha. it does doesn’t it? like telur masin.

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