rue st. vincent

bento box set

I was checking my newsreader this morning and found this article  about a mom making packed lunches for her kids and blogging about it. Food? Pics? Lunchboxes? I immediately clicked at all available links to find out more. I should have stopped at her Flickr page but of course I had to find out more about the cute lunchbox she was using. Now I desperately want a Laptop Lunch Bento Box Set and daydreaming how I’d fill it up with food and carry it snazzily to work. The USD20 pricetag hurts a lot but I figured it’d be a worthwhile investment (hahaha!). I’m currently waiting for the lunchbox people to reply to my email begging them to send me one in Malaysia (they ship to limited locations).

I know, I know. A tupperware would work just as well and prolly be cheaper in the end but I don’t want a tupperware. Dali can attest to my obsession with lunchboxes when I spent an hour in Nice deciding whether or not to fork out 20 Euros for a vintage metal lunchbox (I didn’t). Those goofy things bring back good memories of me slipping in a slice of leftover pizza together with nasi goreng to take to school for lunch.

This morning I had a terrible shock when I checked my Inbox and saw the Regional Big Kahuna (my boss’ boss’ boss’ boss) had emailed and asked me to drop by his office for a ‘chat’. I immediately broke into a cold sweat and felt nauseous. Thank goodness I was in decent office gear. I called his assistant to see if she knew what he wanted but damn, she wasn’t in yet, so I braced myself and walked down. Knocked his door, introduced myself and spent the next 5 minutes listing who I was, where I worked, what I did and who my boss was. In the end it was all good and I’m very chuffed with the outcome but I must admit I spent 5 minutes in the loo afterwards trying not to puke. Note to self: be more positivelah!



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12 responses to “rue st. vincent

  1. saya mau primary lunchbox!

  2. that’s the one i want too!
    did you know the pink one’s sold out and orders are backlogged? scary.

  3. omg! hey, if that lunchbox company DOES come back to you on that, let’s order two, one for you, one for me.

    eh, sometimes i still dream of that vintage lunchbox in Nice, it’s boooteeeful. but overpriced.

    one day, we’ll meet it again, at a lower price.

  4. bibi

    Dear Grouch,

    Reading Reza’s post abt lost/misplaced books reminds me of my books which I think I lent to you. Did I?

    I cant remember…

  5. thegrouch

    you lent me 2, all of which has been sitting in a book bag for months in the car.

  6. thegrouch

    dals: yes, hon. i will order 2 😀

  7. bibi

    No worries then…:)

  8. ok.
    but if you’re in the area, you know your books are too.

  9. RE: Nice lunchbox. Ebay korang, ebay! Ebay is the root of all good things.

    and speaking of packed lunches..

  10. looked already. sama mahal 😦 will keep trying.
    astaga…his rice is shaped like a flower. i want his wife.

  11. AA


    What’s up with the chat… Any chance for a “prosperous” transfer?


  12. thegrouch

    AA: i wish! nah, it was about helping recruit more people aaaannd ….. i’ll tell you when you call me next time 😀
    no mention of transfers but he did write it down (on a post-it!) when i said i was open to one. haha.

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