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img_0430_ver2.jpg swimming doggy 

lunch at Kintamani  at the Barong Dance 

half a kilo of heaven our bungalow

More pics of our Bali trip. The lack of wedding pics tells you that we missed Linda & Alan’s traditional wedding ceremony in Lombok due to my cranky digestive system. It didn’t seem wise to continue travelling when I needed to poop all the bloody time. So instead, we took things easy and stayed within running distance to loos and toilet paper.

The highlight of the trip was definitely the food. We pored over our LP guide and tried to fit in as many meals into one day as humanly possible. Not a single resto/warung disappointed us, but the high bar was definitely set by the yumminess of Mykonos (a Greek resto) and Warung Ocha (typical Indo food). Babi guling with its accompanying lawar and pork skin crackers was like exotic char siew fan. The young banana trunk soup with chunks of fat was weird (and yummy!) but I’ll definitely have another go. Stinky couldn’t bear to see us grin and groan in delight and took a walk. Poor baby.

Lil aka The Hustler (she managed to get us free rooms on the last day!) proved to be a fantastic travelling buddy. Extremely punctual and tamak, she was a great person to explore Bali with. She loves food just as much as Stinky and I, and would often order food which she couldn’t finish. No surprise who ate her leftovers. Haha.


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