in the middle of a dream

grilles and selipar jepun

I can’t wait to be dressed in my favourite outfit of selipar jepun, shorts and soft-faded-tshirt-from-too-many-washings 😀 .

Bali and Lombok here we come! Can’t wait to try babi guling.



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4 responses to “in the middle of a dream

  1. abby

    babi guling is sent from the heavens. bungkus la some for me pleaseee???

  2. i will try my very best 😀

  3. linn

    Bali -sobs- you’re making me depressed! I was there early last month & the food is superfantasticawesomegood & i really miss teh botol & oh ya, miss walking around in shorts & tshirt buruk.

    Have fun & pls, eat loadsa, loadsa food!

  4. thegrouch

    thanks, linn! that’s definitely the plan 😀

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