a summer song

 stinky’s plate

daging dinding my plate

Went to Berjaya for lunch. I finally remembered to take pics before tucking in. Aunty really kicked ass today or maybe it was ‘coz we hadn’t gone there for a few weeks, but every dish we had was a masterpiece. The kuah from the telur ikan had just the right mix of hot and lemak, the daging dinding (dendeng?) was tender and perfect. The chillies accompanying the daging was sweet with just a hint of fire and even the oil/sauce it was drowning in tasted of meat and chillies. I absolutely love tempe and aunty’s tempe is always fantastic. The tiny anchovies mixed in are uniformly crunchy making each mouthful a pleasure.

Aunty, we love you. Please live a long, healthy and happy life.



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2 responses to “a summer song

  1. bibi

    Where is this place?

  2. thegrouch

    bangsar. one row with kukubar, DHL, etc.

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