oh yoko


In the middle of the night, in the middle of the night I call your name, oh Yoko…. In the middle of a dream, in the middle of a dream I call your name, Oh Yoko… 

– John Lennon

More than 20 years after his death, I’m still finding new stuff on John to fall in love over. This song featured in the movie Rushmore is a case in point. How can you not love a song whose lyrics makes you wanna cry and whose melodies makes you wanna jump up and bop? Eat your heart out Sir Paul.

Anyway, see the picture above? That is a nipplet (with a few strands of Georgie’s hair). It’s a silicone patch thing I got at Topshop so I can choose not to wear my bra. It’s a nifty little thing. I hate wearing bras so nipplets are a godsend. They need to be washed and dried after each use but one nipplet went missing during drying last week. It coincided with a 12 hour period when George had a horrific attack of naughtiness. That particular night and morning, he singlehandedly succeeded in:

  • disrupting my alcohol-induced slumber
  • destroyed a new roll of toilet paper
  • spilt his biscuits
  • tore the sofa
  • spilt his litter and turds in the loo, and
  • hid my nipplets somewhere

This morning when I went to berak, I felt a slight resistance when I tried to pull my undies down. Imagine my shock when I saw a nipplet sticking to my undies. I believe I even uttered a small ‘whoa’. You don’t find alien things in your undies everyday, unless you’re the cirit type. Anyway, after much thought, I deduced that the missing nipplet must have dropped into the underwear drawer and stuck to my blue and white snowflakes undies. I must have missed it when I dressed in the dark this morning. Georgie will sooo get a spanking when I get home tonight. I know it isn’t Atti coz Atti just doesn’t do these things, except in the early days when we first brought him home. Those days he was so hungry and sad that he ate a whole capsicum off my dinner plate. Now you throw him a piece of KFC and he doesn’t turn a hair.



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4 responses to “oh yoko

  1. Thanks for the enlightenment. I shall now not be too dismissive of women with non-protruding nipples

  2. thegrouch

    hahahhaha…. either that or they have temperature/friction insensitive nipples!! what joy!

  3. shah rul az wad

    Aha! it was nipple stickers then and now nipplet. I am enlightened!

  4. thegrouch

    i bet you are 🙂

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