the exploding hearts

 TAR resto menu rojak soto chicken and nangka es teller teh botol

I first read about TAR Restaurant in EatingAsia. The pics in Robyn’s post was so yummy-looking that I swore Stinky and I would go one day. It was just 2 monorail stops away from the office and the resto itself is just 5 metres away from Chow Kit Station.

After a couple postponements (rainlah, dressed too warmlah, etc..), we finally made it yesterday. I must say it was kinda weird. When we walked in there was a palpable feeling of the regulars giving you the once over. We were strangers and it was painfully obvious with both Stinky and I in full office regalia. Haha. The waitresses were friendly though and patiently answered our questions. Later, I saw one of them smile at us warmly when we tucked into the food with obvious relish. She even pointed us out to some regulars.

Stinky had the nasi campur and chose the nangka masak lemak and spicy chicken. I had soto with rice and rojak sayur. Drinks/dessert was es teller and teh botol.

How was the food? It was awesome. Stinky’s rice dish packed a wallop of flavour and the nangka was firm but not chewy. My soto came with what seemed to be a mountain of taugeh and raw cabbage but the soup itself was gooood, real good but since I was still feeling hungry, I ordered the rojak sayur. It did not disappoint. The cabbage and taugeh were perfectly blanched, eliminating the raw, earthy taste I hated. The tempe and tofu were firm and the peanut sauce was divine with just a hint of fire (we asked for medium hot). In between mouthfuls of rojak, I ate Stinky’s es teller which was chockful of jackfruit, avocado and coconut bits. Truly, the food was so good we kinda forgot about feeling out of place. If only the stereo playing horrible malay ballads next door exploded.

There were a lot of items on the menu we weren’t familar with. I’ll be doing some research on what they are. We’re definitely coming back. This time in shorts and tshirts.

  • Gule
  • Rawon
  • Opor
  • Gudeg Jogja
  • Pecal Lele
  • Tong Seng


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4 responses to “the exploding hearts

  1. waiwai

    your blogs on foodies are driving me crazy, my friend. I swear everytime I’d never look at those photos again but just keep coming back :”P

  2. That’s so near my office. But I dont have ‘kaki’ to go. Most of them dont love food. Sigh. Do you know if they open on Saturdays?

  3. waiwai: thank you thank you. that’s the exact effect i’m aiming for 🙂
    bibi: i’m almost certain they do.

  4. linn

    Aaahhhhh…teh botol!!!! Kerinduan ku terhadap teh botol 😦

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