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Errands and a terrible traffic jam blew Stinky and I to Bangsar yesterday. We decided to give ourselves a treat by having dinner at Bakerzin. 5 minutes into looking at the menu, Stinky suddenly said, “You wanna go eat downstairs?”. We immediately ditched Bakerzin and went to the organic resto, beaming like a couple idiots. We were green! We were gonna eat organic food!

You see, Stinky is very reluctant to eat at places like the organic resto. Prices are one thing but mostly it’s because he thinks places like that serve crappy food and he hates most vegetables anyway. Fortunately the resto in Bangsar cooks extremely tasty dishes, even the vegetables, and Stinky happily munches away, only complaining about the prices every once in a while.

So last night we had what we thought was a very healthy meal and we paused every couple of bites to smile at each other and to say, “wah…sihat sehhh..”. The elderly couple at the next table prolly thought we were daft, especially with me using my paper napkin as a bib to protect my precious only-1-of-3 smart button-down white shirt.

After such a healthy dinner, we thought that a cone at Baskin Robbins couldn’t hurt too much so off we went in search of sin. Old fashioned Butter Pecan for me and Maui Brownie Madness for The Stinks. If only it was the 31st, we’d have gotten ourselves a pint each 😀 .


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