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I have a funny body shape [re. fat], so I usually find it hard to find nicely fitting trousers and button-down shirts for work. I get lucky at Dorothy Perkins and Edmundser (and now GAP) sometimes, but the prices are just damn prohibitive. $150 for a striped button-down shirt? I’d feel much better spending that kinda money on sneakers and jeans. Unfortunately recent events have demanded that I dress much, MUCH better to work. I’m obliged to meet with clients much more nowadays and tshirts, jeans and sneakers don’t really cut it. The first couple of times my clients thought I was an intern or the Dispatch Girl was hilarious but it wore thin very quickly when 30 minutes into your presentation they were still staring at your crocs or god forbid, the leather cuff you foolishly thought would complement your band tshirt.

Since I don’t have many smart outfits (yet. hahaha), I have to carefully ration them out for the days I know I’ll be making a trip to The Towers. My mates at work have gotten wise to this fact and don’t make too much fun anymore. No more, “Wahhh…what’s the occasion?”. Now it’s  just, “Which client today?”. Haha. Like lady of the night gitu.



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6 responses to “on the radio

  1. “I have a funny body shape [re. fat], so I usually find it hard to find nicely fitting trousers and button-down shirts for work.” – I totally understand. Same here. Sometimes I get really depressed when I shop for pants.

    I am always envious of people who get to wear jeans and t-shirt to work. I wish someday I will get to work in that kind of environment. I am sick of dressing up nicely to work. I just wanna let loose sometimes…

  2. yep.
    and stores that carry decent sizes are usually the higher-end ones.

  3. Ooh. I came to work today in cargos and your Ken Stringfellow t-shirt, E.

  4. hehe. i love that tshrt! new one coming out soon. one for you, babe.

  5. bf kata gap kat philippines is murah gillaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa. but then again, coming from him, murah is still my mahal. heheh

    hari tu i went inside raoul. nice shirts there. really2 nice.

  6. thegrouch

    nini: i knowwww…. i love the shirts they have on display but tak pernah jejak kaki masuk dalam. i’m afraid to fall in love with a shirt then finding out it costs an arm and leg. as it is, yesterday coming back from client meeting, i stopped at zara. fell in love with stripey shirt and amazingly, it fit. then found out price and almost blacked out.

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