sweet jane

pretty dangly things

The guests at the launch listening to Dina’s speech.


The infamous cupcakes. They were good!

Busy busy day so I won’t write about the fun we had last night beyond saying a big thanks and congratulations to the author. We bought 4 copies, ok!


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10 responses to “sweet jane

  1. Where are the nipple cupcakes?

  2. lil ms d


    u made an old man happy 😀

  3. thegrouch

    idlan: i’m glad i didn’t get those! tak banyak icing 😀
    lil ms d: ooohhh…he’s a dish, your pa 😉

  4. apple strudels! hey I didn’t see you 😦

  5. thegrouch

    machinist: OMG you were there?! apple strudels 😦

  6. lil ms d


    dem cupcake looks evil. so green. macam cacing.

  7. dude, haha I was the DJ!

  8. thegrouch

    lil ms d: hahaha…don’t forget the little multi-coloured piece at the end … 🙂
    machinist: whoa! did you know i was planning to swipe your mac? oh, can i have the play list please? need to tambah my disco collection. haha.

  9. what, with the silat guy keeping an eye on it? 🙂
    i’ll mail you the playlist.

  10. thegrouch

    thank you, thank you. i know all these great disco songs but have no idea who sang them. your playlist would be great! 😀

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