you’re black and blue

I was able to locate some of my favourite movie scores online last night and since then have been torturing myself with Itzhak Perlman’s version of the Cinema Paradiso Love Theme and Narciso Yepes’ Jeux Interdit. Luckily Ennio Morricone’s The Good, the Bad and the Ugly provides some light relief. That signature tune cracks me up everytime. Tonight I’m gonna try to download Mancini’s Baby Elephant Walk.

As expected the Blue Wonder’s repair will cost a fortune. Mechanic says the gearbox needs to be replaced. Methinks one of his kids is in medical school and I’m paying for a whole year’s tuition. Not to be disloyal to the Blue Wonder, but I’m seriously thinking of getting a new car. Too bad all the ones I really like is above what would be practical to spend on a car should I get transfered in the next year or two.

Tonight is Dina’s book launch so I thought I’d avoid any hint of VPL under my smart slacks and wore a g-string instead of my usual men’s undies (very airy ok). Maybe I got thinner between today and last Thursday or maybe because of less friction between my buttcheeks and slacks, but my pants keep sliding down too low which in turn causes my only smart button-down shirt to untuck. Of all days to have dropping pants and untuckable shirts… I just wanted to look nice for once 😦 . I even made sure my socks matched.

More on the pet food recall.



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7 responses to “you’re black and blue

  1. i saw raspberry swirl cake on your pictures thingy… is it from secret recipe?? looks really good but then everything looks good when you’re on diet.. 😦

  2. yep, it’s from secret recipe.
    i know what you mean abt diets…. good luck, ok? 😀

  3. Luv it when girl blogs about geek stuff ie. Variable Programming Language, strings and all…Hehehe.

  4. I meant Visual Programming Language.

  5. thegrouch

    nuaqe aka my friend A: OMG YOU HAVE A FRIENDSTER ACCOUNT!!!! 😀

  6. So what!!!Leave me be. I wanna be an interesting ole’ skool not your ordinary 40-year-old otai…

  7. thegrouch

    hahaha…man, we GOTTA have that teh tarik one day.

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