pet food recall part 2


I laughed outloud when I logged into WP this morning and was greeted by this sight. 

Happy news. Malaysian pet food stocks are not offended affected, but if you feed your little darlings food by Purina PetCare Co and Hill’s Pet Nutrition Inc, you might want to check things out a little more. Pet food deaths in the States remain a mystery.

More happy news: the jam jar is open! Abby’s advice of immersing the top in hot water partially worked. We still couldn’t open the jar so we immersed it a second time then I took a spoon and pried the lid all the way around. I tried opening it again and … WHOMP! The jar opened! I’m having PB&J sandwiches for lunch. I am so the man. Stinky is so a girl.

Dali first introduced me to A Year of Living Generously last year. Since then I’ve learned numerous things from the website. Do go and take a look. Sign up. Pledge to do something for the better. It’s fun reading all the things people come up with.

It’s been raining since 12am last night. As luck would have it, not only was it still raining at 0715, but I was late by 10 minutes from my usual departure time. I knew the rain would cause massive traffic jams and was not looking forward to the drive ahead. To make matters worse, the Blue Wonder suddenly decided to get sick and would only respond a few seconds after stepping on the gas pedal. I’m leaving work early to send it to the shop. I can see my mechanic grinning in anticipation already. With all the moolah being spent on the Blue Wonder, I must have put all his kids through college or something.

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