suitcase in my hand

I’m really tired of how difficult it is to ask someone in Blogger to help you out with any problems you might have. A couple months ago I asked them to delete an old blog of mine. After 5-6 rounds of emails between me and the support engineer, I gave up. The person kept directing me to the basic FAQ on how to delete blogs, nevermind that in my email I had already explained that I had done everything suggested. I finally gave up. Mampuslah. I was only trying to save some space on the http://www. Recently I decided to move to WordPress and have already imported all my old Blogger posts. I thought deleting my blog this time would be a cinch as I hadn’t changed the URL or anything. It was the very same address I had first registered the account with. But noooo… for some reason only posts up to September 06 were deleted. The ones prior that is still up and you know what? Now it’s even harder to contact support personnel!

A couple months ago, I bought a jar of some yummy-looking blueberry jam. I also bought a jar of extra-crunchy peanutbutter. I love PB&J sandwiches and would often get Stinky to make them for me to take to work. Unfortunately neither Stinky nor I could open that jam jar, even though we try every couple of days, hoping against hope that our combined efforts would loosen the lid enough so one day it’ll pop open. No luck yet so I’ve had to console myself with plain old PB sandwiches. It just doesn’t taste the same, I tell ya.

So many colleagues are leaving or hear that they may be leaving. In this business, you always expect someone (especially the expats) to move after the requisite 2 years but to have so many move all at once is very weird indeed. Sad too. It’s hard to get a great bunch of people together. It’s harder knowing you’re getting left behind and might not like the replacements.



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2 responses to “suitcase in my hand

  1. abby

    did you try turning the jar upside down into bowl of boiling water (just submerge the cover) for a minute or two, then try opening it?

  2. thegrouch

    oohhh…ok! i’m gonna go boil some water this very minute!

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