pet food recall

I’ve seen the headlines in my newsreader about pet food getting recalled in the States but since it was mainly in publications like BBC, The Guardian and The New York Times, I wasn’t much interested. This morning however Stinky called me up to say that The Star had taken up the issue as well but doesn’t say anything about locals stocks getting recalled. Since the kiddies’ food supply (they eat Iams’ Chicken biscuits)  is running low anyway, I think I’ll go to our favourite pet shop and ask for more details. If anyone knows more, keep me posted yeah?

Here is a list of the brand names affected but doesn’t say anything about specific products. Sheesh.


I just got back from the pet shop. The owners say that I shouldn’t worry, Malaysian pet food stocks are OK. I’m relieved to hear that but I’m still not completely satisfied. It’s all very well for them to reassure customers that everything is alright, but if Georgie and Atti….. man, I don’t even want to think about it.


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4 responses to “pet food recall

  1. omg, omg, i hope that none of your tins are offended. can’t imagine G or A not around to gay each other up.

  2. omg, eds, one of my dyslexic moments, i meant “AFFECTED”, not offended, but i’m sure you already knew that when you started laughing.

  3. thegrouch

    i hope they’re not offended too 😀
    after more research, i feel more confident that things are OK. it’s mostly wet food that’s affected, not the dry biscuits G and A like.

    hahaha. btw, you’re bunking with us in april-may.

  4. i am? yahoooooo! better put chastity belts on G & A!

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