impromptu movie review

Jeux interdits

I’ve just finished watching Jeux interdits (Forbidden Games) with Stinky. I wish you could have too. Like Grave of the Fireflies, it’s a movie about children in wartime. Like Grave of the Fireflies, you’re lulled by the funny, sweet moments making it easy to turn into a total wreck by the end. Ebert writes splendidly about the movie, describing it as a non-tearjerker but a powerful movie that looks into the resilience of the human spirit, children’s in particular. I respectfully disagree on the non-tearkjerker part, Mr. Ebert. I sobbed like my dog had died and when I looked at Stinky, tears were coursing down his cheeks too (though he’d seen it twice before). That part where Paulette is alone at the station screaming for Michel ….. man, my heart just broke.

I’m sure there are many many movies like this. Movies that show the horror of war and the effects it has on innocents. Why couldn’t Dubya and Blair have seen one? Why couldn’t they have seen this one?


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