cool it down

As a kid, I desperately wanted to be a palaeontologist. I was always on the lookout for possible fossils and even pretended that the bleached carapace of my dead pet crawfish Bobo was an historical palaeontological find, nevermind Bobo died just the previous autumn. One of the very few new books my folks bought me (we were dirt poor in the States, a family of four living on a meagre student budget) was a dinosaur encyclopaedia. I loved that book and its accompanying map of the world where dinosaur bones were found. I slept with that book, I went to school with that book, I never went anywhere without it. I also collected plastic dinosaur figurines and played with them like normal girls played with Barbie dolls. I remember I had a pink glow-in-the-dark Stegosaurus and a green glow-in-the-dark Hadrosaurus. I once got into a huge fight at school over which dinosaur was meaner, the Allosaurus or the T-Rex (I was pro-Allosaurus). Hahaha…man, those were the days. This article in BBC News brought back all those memories of a dino-crazed kid. I’m glad I still have the book but I do miss those plastic figurines.

Boss#3 and I did my 2006 performance appraisal yesterday. It was long and deeply embarrassing. I hate having to justify why I think I deserve a good rating yet it’s all about beating your chest at these kinda things. Luckily Boss#3 overlooked my terrible end-of-year performance slump and chose to highlight my earlier achievements instead and the fact that I finally passed my G11 promotion. Now I have to write an essay on whether or not I agree with his and Boss#2’s rating of my performance and how I plan to improve in 2007. Sucks is too good a word.

I really liked this article about how a woman debates with herself whether or not she was a good American and more importantly, a good human being. I especially liked her sentence:

“I now know the way that everyday life can be so absorbing, survival so demanding, that it seems impossible to do more on top of it or to drop the routine altogether and begin a totally different life.”

How true. A bit sad too. How many of us are willing to risk our comfort and anonimity to fight for what we believe in? Not me. Like her, I console myself that writing a protest letter, signing a petition and sending a cheque is a safer approach to things. I too would like to believe that I’d have hidden Anne Frank in my annexe. But would I really?

Having indulged in exercise, sports and other adventures with my workmates, I really get this.



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  1. idlan

    Edna was Ross!!!

  2. hahahhahaha….hahahhahaha…..

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