who loves the wind?

“Far too often people are buying books because they think they will be good for them, rather than because they think they’ll enjoy them. There are certain books that everyone buys because the whole world has read them.” – Rachel Cugnoni

OK, I ‘fess up. I do this a lot, buying books ‘coz I think it’ll be good for me. This article in The Guardian made me smile, not only because I saw myself in it but because I too think Vernon God Little was crappy (I remember reading it during a poop and never picking it up again afterwards). Remember that booklist I made? If you check out the italicised items, you’ll see stuff like Wuthering Heights and Anna Karenina. I have grave doubts that I’ll like either book but you can bet your ass I’ll get them anyway. I mean, there must be a reason people say they’re classics or become bestsellers kan? But so often, all those classics I buy because I think I should read them before I die are left unfinished or read all the way through with gritted teeth and stubborn determination. 1984 is one. Tuesdays with Morrie is another.

Funny enough, I don’t do the same when it comes to music. If a singer/band is hyped till even I in my little tempurung hears about it, I get very verryyyy reluctant to check out their music. Yes, I’m weird that way. Kiss me quick. Hahaha.

We had planned to go to the National Craft Celebration thingy  at the Craft Centre on Jalan Conlay (see E12) but poor Stinky is sick today. TechBoss#1 scoped the place out for me last weekend and reports that labu sayong were on sale at very cheap prices. Niiiice. If that’s true, I’ll buy a whole bunch for the new apartment and drive Stinky nuts.



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6 responses to “who loves the wind?

  1. what in the world is labu sayong?

  2. thegrouch

    traditional water gourds. read about them here: http://www.clayexpression.com/field.trip-2.perak.htm

  3. I actually enjoyed Vernon God Little. And the Alchemist. But on my DNF list are Michael Oondatje’s In the Skin of a Lion, and Jack Kerouac’s On the Road. The former too draggy, the latter too trippy. But they make nice ornaments on my shelf 😀

  4. thegrouch

    haha. indeed.
    some titles give you instant street points :).

  5. abby

    i have bought plenty of books because i thought reading them would make me smarter. but mostly because i was forced to read them for class. and reading james joyce didnt make me any smarter either

  6. after reading more about james joyce on wiki, i don’t think i’ll ever read ulysses. sounds too hard 😦

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