villians always blink their eyes

Velvet Underground boxset

I like working with Boss#3 but whenever he starts a sentence with, “Have you…?” I get chills down my spine, and not in a good way. A sentence starting with those two words usually means I have to do something difficult pronto, either ‘coz I forgot to do it earlier or because he thinks it’s high-time for me to start doing it. This ranges from writing proposals for our many clients or explaining a mathematical equation (me? numbers? HAH!) to sceptics. Since last week, Boss#3 and TechBoss#1 have been on my case to explain fracture analysis calculations to a client. I’ve done at least 10 revisions and my slides have gone from 13 to 4 pages with an accompanying 2 page email. Only my 11th revision made them happy, even then Boss#3 didn’t like the name of the file attachment. I have so much to learn. I hope I make it without going insane.

A friend of ours who owns a CD shop (Music Magic in CM) is moving to Midvalley and having a big moving sale. Stinky and I have had our eyes on Velvet Underground’s Peel Slowly and See boxset for a l  o  n  g time and went absolutely bonkers when it went on sale. My favourite CD in the boxset is Loaded, which incidentally, according to the accompanying booklet, is VU’s least favourite and the album which caused them to break up. What Brian Eno said is true, even I wished I had a band after first discovering VU a couple years ago.

For some inexplicable reason, I bought bluish/purplish very sparkly eyeshadow from Benefit last week. I’m an earth tones kinda person and you’ll find all sorts of brown, bronze and grey shades in my makeup collection. After wearing it for the first time last weekend, I’m glad I got it. I like the way it looks on me: like I have a twinkly, sparkly mother of a shiner.  Ha ha.

Mom gave me a couple bottles of supplements that are supposed to make me smarter and have better memory (are you trying to tell me something, mom?). I dunno about the smart bit but I have noticed that I’m wide awake and alert after taking it. Methinks it’ll be a new addition to the plethora of drugs I already take daily to function.



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2 responses to “villians always blink their eyes

  1. uuuu… jgn la tutup kedai lagi adnrew.. gaji saya belum dapat nih… mau shopping.. eeek.

    btw.. new eyeshadow nice. the one you had on during bittersweet’s thing.. right? no? heeee


  2. thegrouch

    maybe he’ll have an opening sale at midvalley.

    that’s the one.

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