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I haven’t checked my newsreader since Friday and now have a mind-boggling 456 articles to scan under the News section. Here are two that caught my eye:

Interesting article to read by women in conjunction with the recent Women’s Day. We’ve never had it so good, yet a whole new can of worms is open to us. It was heartening to read that on average women are getting hitched later and later though. I am sick and tired of going to weddings and being asked, “Bila lagi?” or visiting yet another new mother in Gleneagles/Ampang Puteri/etc and hearing, “Eh, taknak anak ke? Kau tu dah tua…” . I’m sure they mean well (at least I hope so) but it just sucks. SUCKS.

I’m pretty excited over Google’s Book Scanning Project. I am concerned over copyright violations, but I still have a starry-eyed view of Google’s rep and vision, and I’m sure they’ll play by the rules. Boo to Microsoft for being such party-poopers.

Ok, I’m hungry. I think I’ll make some instant mac and cheese. I just love that stuff.


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