begitulah nasib bunga layu

We said a prayer during sunday school today and one of the lines was, “…protect them from vain reliance on self.” That kinda struck a chord with me. I guess I’m much too proud over my self-dependence… funny a prayer should remind me that.

Stinky is out with Daryl DVD shopping. A few weeks ago Daryl introduced Stinky to a Criterion Collection DVD seller named Daniel in PJ and Stinky went bananas. Apparently today’s trip is to introduce Stinky to Daniel’s boss. I can only imagine the dent it’ll make to Stinky’s wallet.

I think I’ll go home (I’m at the office now). The AC is kaput and I’m slowly getting hotter and hotter. Better go before I soak my tshirt with mac and cheese sweat. Haha.


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