and happiness i’ve known proves that it’s right

The Orgasmic Piggies

Dals, I present to you Lil’s Orgasmic Piggies. Basically, they’re two wooden pigs connected to each other with elasticised string. You pull them apart and they jiggle back towards each other in the most hilarious way. We’ve been amusing ourselves in the office by pulling them apart and watching ’em jiggle then laughing ourselves silly. There’s something about their jiggling that drives us insane.

I’m putting the finishing touches on my basement reservoir report. It’s nothing to shout about but I do feel proud of it. Proud and more than a little scared. It’s always scary knowing your report will be read by professionals way more knowledgable than you. What if they don’t like my interpretation of things?

Girly Wallet

This is my new wallet! This is my first ever girlie wallet. Ever. All this while I’ve been making do with Pop’s castoffs or men’s wallets from Petaling Street. It feels strange to have such a humongous wallet. I think if I throw it at Atti he’ll cry.


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3 responses to “and happiness i’ve known proves that it’s right

  1. the pigs are adorable, but i just don’t get why they look so surprised sucking on the same spaghetti string.

    and that wallet? you CHEAT, it’s practically HALF man.

  2. thegrouch

    it’s like Lady & the Tramp (porcine version) kan? hahaha…

    eh, what you mean i cheat? it’s a girl wallet, ok? no guy would be caught with such a monster.

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