link laters

I’m putting this link up not because I’m obsessed over the whole astronaut love triangle thing (although I have been), but because that dancing penguin on the advert sidebar is just so damn cute!

Love meat? Here’s a BBC Three feature on how meat gets to our plates. In the immortal words of Threadless  Tshirts (who by the way is having a crazy sale), Meat is murder. Tasty, tasty murder.

Grist interviews the co-producer of An Inconvenient Truth. Nice.



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3 responses to “link laters

  1. Linn

    Sini rupanye 😀 sorry, haven’t comment for a longgggg time…mia for a while..btw, do u have msn?

  2. I clicked the link and I saw no penguins! But there was a picture of Angelina Jolie. So much more worth it. Apparently she now wants to adopt a Vietnamese kid. Lucky thing. When do you think she will get to Malaysia and adopt a 30-year old struggling PhD student?

  3. thegrouch

    linn: hello! yep, got. i’ll send it to you via yahoo.
    idlan: what?! no dancing penguin? damn. that beats brangelina anyday 😀

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