i think cherry berry is in the works

Pop’s in town so I’m spending the next couple of days in a hotel with him and The Ret. I love staying in hotels – on my own. The Ret and I have very different personalities and habits and being cooped up in a little room together is rapidly driving us both insane. I can’t stand her ass-kissing pop and she can’t stand me ……. actually, she has no complaints about me. I am perfect after all.

Dinner was nice. Pop enjoyed a beer while I demolished the better half of a pizza and pasta combo. The Ret got all righteous and giggly after drinking a Sprite. “Oh, I’m supposed to give up fizzy drinks for Lent!” Even Pop  rolled his eyes. Haha.

As I type this, Pop is downstairs checking the hotel’s little sundry shop. He’s hoping they have shorts (he forgot to bring his). He’s been gone for a long time though. Methinks he ran to KLCC and got a pair there instead. Poor Pop.

G’nite Stinks. Kiss the kiddies for me. Throw out the trash and don’t forget to bring the laundry in.


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