bunga kembang

Boss#3 and his bosses are having a field day messing with my peace of mind. On Friday, Boss#3’s move was a no-go till the end of the year, mainly due to Mrs. Boss#3 putting her foot down. Today at lunchtime the higher ups in Dubai called and pressured him to think again. Argh. Just when we thought everything would be ok.

Busy busy busy with 3 reports to write, all in different depositional environments. The literature I have for basement reservoirs alone is inches thick. Don’t even get me started on the carbonate well. I wish I didn’t skive so much during uni.

The CCTV footage of a middle aged man and uh a respectable-looking lady snogging in a posh elevator have been making the rounds in everyone’s email inbox. Someone in the office says they know the poor sod. Oh dear gosh. Remind me to never attack Stinky where ever cameras might lurk. The shame! Oh the shame!


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