i fell for you like a child

I found this on WP’s main page and thought how brilliant it’d be for Linda and her first week of school in Abu Dhabi. So here you go, sweets. Learn UNIX in 10 minutes! It’s much more detailed than what I remember the exam questions being, so I expect a 99% score at least :). No pressure. Haha.

Stinky finally secured a DVD of Fast Food Nation for me today. We couldn’t hurry home fast enough to watch it. I’ve read the book at least 5 times and was in an agony of suspense. 25 minutes into the movie Stinky commented, “This isn’t boring at all.” No, it’s not boring, in fact it is so grippingly surreal that I kept telling Stinky, “All this is true, you know.”, which doesn’t make for good dinner appetites when you see a cow being shot in the head with an air gun or how a flood of blood comes gushing out with the cow still twitching. Or how spit can go undetected in the swirl of sauces in your burger. Thank you Mr. Schlosser for writing an amazing book, and thank you Mr. Linklater for brilliantly translating the book onto film.

Tempation proved too strong and I went to the MPH warehouse sale today. I would have still been able to resist had it not been for Stinky’s sly manoeuvrings. He wanted to go to Jaya in PJ to meet his current DVD supplier and to get me there, he dangled the carrot of cheap books. He even brushed off my arguments there were no more shelf space to be had. “Ala, just put them in a box under the bed”, he said. Funny he didn’t say that when I wanted to go to the Payless sale a couple months back. Humph. The sale was a disappointment though, at least to me. There were just too many people and claustrophobia weakens the most stalwart of bookworms. The fact that the books weren’t at all cheap heightened the bummer factor. I did manage to get Chi Wui’s requested China LP guide, Bill Bryson’s A Short History of Nearly Everything and a complete collection of Grimm’s Fairy Tales. Oh well, getting new books is never a sad occasion so I’m not that bummed. Heh.



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2 responses to “i fell for you like a child

  1. shah rul az wad

    It was good that the health ministry grabbed the people’s attention on the issue of fast food. Eventhough I’m concerned about the advertising industry’s bread and butter, the proposal did made the people to debate on this issue rather than other petty issues.

    Man, everyone gone to MPH Warehouse sale except me :(.

  2. thegrouch

    you can argue that if these fast food chains actually start serving nutritious food and get the advertising industry to promote the fact, then everybody wins.

    you didn’t miss much. i’d recommend waiting for the times and payless warehouse sale instead.

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