you shouldn’t be wearin’ white and you can’t afford no ring

Hooray! Boss#3 is not moving – YET. Still, I’ve been walking around the office with a huge grin plastered on my face. Thanks, Mrs. Boss#3 for vetoing the move. I do feel guilty (very, very little though) ‘coz the move would have meant a huge promotion for the boss, but he doesn’t seem too upset so I won’t be either. Safe – for a little while at least.

I enjoyed reading this article from The Guardian on 100 books you can’t live without. One day I’d like to read them all, but I doubt it. So many on the list I have embarked on, and stopped after a couple of chapters, or even pages if I was feeling rather grumpy. Atonement by Ian McEwan is one. I remember buying it for Dhs5 in Abu Dhabi and ditching it in favour of the current month’s TIME and National Geographic.

I’ve been following the flak of Gore’s huge electricity bill for a couple days now. As usual, The Guardian delivers with an excellent article on hypocrisies and why we must forgive Al on this one.

OK, I’m off. Feeling a bit tipsy after a couple celebratory beers with Boss#3 and the team. I’m off to dinner with The Stinks.


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