seia sekata

Last night Stinky and I had dinner at Bakerzin. Abby had recommended the seafood spaghetti there and we were eager to try it out. Stinky loves their cakes but for some reason we’ve never had any of their other stuff. The seafood pasta did not disappoint. I was amazed at the amount of assorted clams and seafood they put in. There was enough shells to fill up an IKEA flowerpot! Stinky ordered the roast chicken and sweet potatoes. That too, was very nice indeed. The icing on the cake was the choice of 3 dessert tapas – for free! We had the pistachio creme brulee, the chocolate shooter with vanilla icecream and last of all, chocolate rice with chocolate and caramel icecream. Good bye diet!

I’m loving my new hair. I wake up in the morning, look in the mirror, and it looks ready to go! A smidgen of hair wax makes things look neater and I’m out the door 20-30 minutes after waking up. Ice cold water makes for very short showers indeed.

The big news of the day is that Boss#3 is moving. Sobs. SOBS. SOBSSSSS. Yeah, yeah, I know I complain about Boss#3 and his penchant for perfection but he has been an excellent boss and friend. 2 and a half years we’ve worked together and I’ve seen his family grow. He’s helped me through several promotions and I can’t recall how many disasters and crisis we’ve weathered together. I owe you a huge thanks, boss, and prolly several litres of beer. Man, am I gonna miss you. Sniff.

And Linda’s leaving tomorrow for Abu Dhabi!!! What with Boss#3 leaving soon, Linda gone and Lil not even on the same floor, the 18th floor is a sorry ass place to be. Thank goodness for Dave and TechBoss#1. If they don’t go to Miri that is.  Whoa, now that’s a lot of whining. Sorry, sorry, but I just can’t help think that now I’ll be stuck here longer than ever. That the carrot of getting transfered has been snatched away what with Boss#3 gone. We’ll see, we’ll see. I wonder if there’ll be any momentous announcements at Boss#1’s farewell lunch tomorrow?



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2 responses to “seia sekata

  1. abby

    …but i bet bakerzin’s spaghetti cannot beat yours la *hint* *hint*

  2. thegrouch

    hahahhaa…i guess you’ll find out very soon 🙂

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