you were an island and i passed you by

Ouch, so expensive.

I cut my hair last night. Short. Really, really short. So short that pop has more hair than I do and Stinky now calls me Butch. I was going for the Jean Seberg look but ended up like Mr Moon with fuzz. And the worst part is? When the jinjang platinum blonde hairdresser was chopping everything off and telling me she was giving me ‘style’, I thought of ways to explain to Kelvin why I didn’t wait for him to come back from vacation to cut my hair. KELVIN!!!! I’m sorryyyyy!!

OK, enough hysterics.

I still get a shock everytime I look in the mirror but I think I’m actually starting to like it. It’d look way better if I had cheekbones instead of hanging jowls but maybe, maybe this’ll spur me to lose weight (stop that laughing right now, Stinks!). The gym-at-lunch plan is dead but that can be changed!

For some reason, I suddenly have this obsession on wanting to own a (or several) labu sayong and some Sarawak pottery. The latter’s easy. Mom has several just sitting in boxes at home which I can pinch. The former’s a bit harder. What I’d really like to do is drive to some kampung in Perak where they make ’em but with the geriatric Blue Wonder, long distance driving is like Russian roulette. In an oven.

Of all the days to wear my pretty heeled loafers, it has to be when the boss forgets he has to go to an important meeting and dispatches me instead – 45 minutes late. When I got to the Towers all huffing and puffing, the meeting was all but over and my feet felt like minced meat.


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