porking it up

Day 2 of The Year of The Pig aka Third Day of Becoming a Sloth. Why was I even depressed last week about spending the 4 day weekend at home? My only excuse is I had forgotten the total joy of being a slob/sloth/vegetable. Not bathing till you absolutely have to and walking around in jammies and a greasy face is lovely. I feel better about postponing my Lasik surgery too.

Last night before bed, I told Stinky I had a hankering for sardines fried with lots and lots of onions and garlic. This morning the sweetie showed up with a can of sardines, a loaf of bread and a carton of low-lactose milk. I love my Stinky Pie and to show him how much, I only added half a garlic bulb instead of the intended whole. Wouldn’t want him to gag (too much) when he kissed garlicky me later on.

We’ve been on a DVD-watching binge since Saturday and so far have ticked off Pan’s Labyrinth, Babel, Dreamgirls (awful, just awful!), The Prestige and best of all, Tenacious D and The Pick of Destiny (AWESOME!). Next is Au Revoir Les Enfants.

I wish I took the whole week off. I’m already depressed tomorrow’s the last day of the holidays.

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