porking around

It’s 3pm on the first day of CNY and I have yet to bathe, brush my teeth or change out of my jammies – and I couldn’t be happier. I’m so loving this chance to just recharge. I feel so very tired, a feeling I’ve been ignoring for a long time.

Stinky and I debated going to Borobudur or Angkor Wat or our favourite holiday destination, Bangkok, for this long weekend but in the end decided against it. He’s been running ragged too so it was easy to persuade him to just stay put. This time last year we were climbing Tangkuban Perahu near Bandung and the year before that we were having roti bakar and milo at Bangkok’s Chinatown. We consoled ourselves that Linda and Alan’s wedding in Lombok will be very very soon and we’ll get some international lovin’ then. Haha.

I’m listening to Red FM’s Clash radio show as I type this. Stinky’s guest DJ-ing and playing a bunch of powerpop tunes. I can’t wait for him to come home so I can make fun of how he sounds. Very sengau, sweets. And that fengshui advice schtick was hilarious.

Gong Xi Fa Chai, friends. Drive safe.


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