miss me when i’m gone

I’ve been a pretty happy camper at work lately, meaning the spark has returned and I don’t just groan and whine the day away. I don’t know what caused the reversal to my months of apathy, but whatever it is, I am real glad. It was hell trying to cope with a punishing workload with zero enthusiasm. It was even worse trying to explain to the bosses why.

Stinky and I have never been big on Valentine’s Day. We don’t give each other gifts on that day (1 month before: “nah, DVD for you. It’s for Valentine’s.”) nor do we make any special effort to eat somewhere extra special. Usually it’s a takeout meal at home with the cats as George’s birthday falls on the 7th and every year we only remember that fact when Valentine’s Day arrives. Last night when we realised that we had forgotten his birthday once again, we gave the whiny bugger a special brushing and noticed he has much more white hairs than before. Oh Georgie Porgy. You’re four years and 6 days old in human years.

This is the reason why I love Umbra’s column. She’s just so darn funny, you sometimes forget the science behind her advice. I wonder if Umbra’s her real name.

Tomorrow I’ll be back at my alma mater helping our Personnel Dept. with a recruiting drive. It’ll be fun to get out of the office and see the state of our graduates. I usually meet a few at various conferences and encourage those who look promising to send their resumes. I’m sad to report that very few do though – look promising I mean. I get pissed off when they seem to be more interested in how hard/easy a job is rather than the opportunities the job brings for advancement. A typical conversation would go like this.

Candidate: What are typical working hours like?
me: It can be as little as 8 or even 12-14 hours when a job comes in.
Candidate: Alaaa… susahlah macam tu. No life man.

WTF? I don’t believe in sugar-coating reality. What exactly do these kids have in mind when looking for a job? Goyang kaki gaji buta? I remember I once asked a newbie to digitise a stack of log data and was told, “this isn’t what a graduate is supposed to do.” I tried telling him that to understand the bigger picture he would have to intimately know the finer details of being a geoscientist. I don’t think it ever sank in, which is just too damned bad.


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