you should hear what they say about you

A bunch of us at the office received our BE forms in the mail yesterday. As expected there were moans, groans and loud cursing. Filling up your tax forms is a bitch in the best of times ….. but what about when you downright disagree with the way your tax dollars are being spent? As an idealistic kid watching American movies and reading books with American themes, I was always amazed at the lengths some of the characters took to avoid the IRS. “Just pay up lah!” I innocently thought. Hah. Bodoh.

Don’t get me wrong. To put it simply, I think taxes are a great way for governments to get money to improve a country’s infrastructure. I think of places like Norway where taxes are sky high yet people don’t grumble as much (right, Linda?) as they get proper healthcare, transport systems, etc. But what about us? We get astronauts who piggyback on others’ space programmes and a spanking new castle. Not exactly what I had in mind when I see my paycheck cut by almost a fifth. Is it any wonder I’m obsessed with finding ways to get tax reductions short of getting married and having bambinos?


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