God only knows what I’d be without you

I very stupidly read this article about Google’s new cafeteria while eating my plain ol’ lunch sandwich at my desk. I almost cried reading the list of food they served on opening day. Gilalah.

We saw Cream Dog this morning! Apparently owners have repaired their fence so he and Black Dog can’t escape and lepak beside the highway anymore. Oh, I feel so happy to know he’s ok.

We’re currently hooked on the polygamy tv series, Big Love. Hooked as in hurry home from work to catch 1-2 episodes a night. I don’t know how to describe the show. It’s so out there that Stinky or me frequently push the Pause button so we can discuss in finer detail an issue that pops up on screen. Polygamy. Sharing. Equality. Fairness. It’s just wow. Stinky has been a gem through it all. I keep yelling, “Hey that’s Temple Square!” and he just pats my hand and says, “Yes love, I now know that too.” Hahahaha…


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