Every morning to work, or anytime we go into the city, we’ll pass by a row of houses and the Sri Petaling driving range before the Shell gas station. There are 2 dogs who belong to one of the houses, 1 black and 1 cream. For some reason they just love hanging out on the grassy patch beside the highway, oblivious to whizzing cars and toxic fumes. Almost everyday we’ll see them romping around, chasing each other or just napping contentedly in that beautiful way good-natured dogs have. Our day doesn’t seem complete when we don’t see them, and Stinky and I always keep a lookout for them each morning.

We haven’t seen them all this week though and we’re starting to get worried. I even slow down when we come to the stretch we’ve come to think of as theirs. I just hope they’re ok. Dogs really are the best.

I’ve always been deeply in love with Sore’s Pergi Tanpa Pesan ever since our friend David gave us a sneak listen last year. In that beautiful room at Pendulum Studios Jakarta, Stinky and I closed our eyes as Ade’s vocals soared and tugged at our chests. I know I sound awfully cheesy but that was exactly how we felt. I later told Stinky the song was so beautiful I felt tears coming. He whispered he felt the same. Anyway, after months of procrastinating, I finally saw the video. What can I say? I fell in love all over again. Lush scenes of an era no longer seen, how could I not?

More than 24 hours since the first frantic phonecall, the data is now in and the processing and eye-crossing interpretation has begun. If I surface anytime at all today, it’ll prolly be just to beg the newbies to get me a sandwich from Coffee Bean.


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