i’m crazy for cryin’ and crazy for tryin’

Boss#3 called at 0655 to complain that the data we were waiting for since last night couldn’t be accessed from the database and could I please call Colorado to ask if there’s been an outage with our server. As I was composing myself to reply without sounding like I had just woken up, Atti and George jumped on the bed and started to yowl simultaneously and deafeningly for their breakfast. Cue me scrambling to get away from hungry cats while trying to hiss discreetly and Boss#3 saying hello? hello? in the background.

After that it was a series of phonecalls to everyone and their mother, all of whom either sounded sleepy and pissed off or indecently awake and chirpy.

Now I’m trying to get back to sleep to prepare for what should be an all day + all nighter job once the data’s in. I can’t sleep though. First I had to poop (done) and now I’m hungry. I wish Aunty Berjaya at Bangsar was open already. I’m craving her telur ikan masak lemak and daging dinding masak cili. And her tempe goreng with ikan bilis and her baby kailan tumis. Oh I’m hungry. In the meantime I’m downloading more Patsy Cline mp3s and since BBC News reported The Beautiful South have disbanded, their songs too. Hey, did anybody know Norah Jones came out with a new album, Not Too Late? I hadn’t heard anything about one so I was pleasantly surprised to see one of my favourite CD merchants unpacking it from huge boxes last night. I love Norah… she so pretty I wanna lick her all over. Don’t even get me started on that voice!

Okay, gonna go try and sleep again.


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