berteduh kita ditaman

I make it a point to walk more nowadays as my work doesn’t leave me much time and energy to exercise at the gym. So when I have to see clients at The Towers, Citibank or at Exxon, I usually walk unless I have to carry lots of prints. This morning after a meeting at The Towers, I had another appointment at the Exxon building. I enjoyed the walk through KLCC park, even though my legs were still quite sore from last Sunday’s caving trip. An hour later, I came back the same way through the park. I was hungry though and the day had gotten significantly hotter so I decided to ignore the pain in my legs and take a shortcut through the grassy knolls, instead of keeping to the sidewalk. A few minutes into my walk I heard an ominous hissing then I got thoroughly sprayed with water a split second afterwards. Yep, the sprinkler system had turned itself on. Legs on fire, I ran pell-mell down a hill toward a dry sidewalk. Sigh. At least no one saw me. Several couples were stationed along the shady route but they were sucking face so intently, they wouldn’t have noticed if I exploded in front of them.
Tomorrow is a holiday in KL, but just as I was celebrating the fact, Boss#3 remarked, “so, I heard a rumour that tomorrow’s a holiday.” I know what that means. A job is coming in. Hot fuckin’ damn.
Stinky and I are very happy for our friend Ojoe who has just gotten a fantastic job offer and will start work this Friday. Ojoe has had a rough couple of months but bore it so stoically that we could only hope and pray that if we were ever in that situation, we would be as cheerful and upbeat. Congratulations man, and happy belated birthday! We’re really proud of you.

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