dibatang pohon kan kuukir nama kita

That’s not me. Not Lil either.
We then had to hike back up.
It’s funny how the image we have in our head of ourselves can sometimes greatly differ with what others see. I was looking at a picture taken of me right after whitewater rafting yesterday. I thought I looked as wet and bedraggled as Humpty Dumpty possibly could in my helmet and lifejacket. A friend thought I looked happy and composed. We looked at another picture. This time of me abseiling. I thought I looked graceful and brave. My friend remarked I looked like I had seen death itself. Hehehe…
It was fun yesterday, caving and whitewater rafting (wwr) with a bunch of people from the office. I probably won’t go caving again. Guano, slippery heights and pitch-black darkness is not my cup of tea, but the flying fox reward almost made up for it. The highlight of the day was the wwr. I fancy myself a natural at rowing, though the person I accidentally whacked with my paddle probably didn’t think so. Although Sg. Kampar has up to Grade 4 rapids, we didn’t see any of that yesterday. At the most it was prolly a Grade 2, but enough for us to giggle and shriek crazily each time we shot through a rapid (for the record, no one in my raft fell out once). The worst banging I got was at a 3ft drop where a girl from Finance lost her grip and crashed full-smack on top of me causing loss of hearing for several seconds and livid blue bruising on my thigh. Thank goodness for PPE (personal protective equipment).
I think the worst part of the day was in the lorry ride back to Gua Tempurung. Lil and I were talking about Borat and quoting lines from the movie when a new colleague beside us coldly remarked that “Borat is stupid. I will not watch.” Yup, you guessed it. She’s Kazakh. There goes my chance of being friends with a pale, dark-eyed beauty with the enchanting foreign accent. Sobs.

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