well, that’s just baffling

Dali often sends me links to stuff she thinks knows I like. Sometimes she sends me links she knows cracks me up like Go Veg (I am adamantly omnivorous). The latest gem is this oh-so-cute lunchbox thing. I think she was thinking of our foray into the old part of Nice last September. We found the most amazing shop selling vintage posters and miscellaneous items. I fell in love with a tin lunchbox that reminded me of the ones I used to have in grade school, but at 20E, it was just too dear.

I love my friends whom I can be just myself with, those who I don’t have to put up with oneupmanship-ness or facades of maturity.

mouse potato: my rectum growled to my colon
earl.grey: oh apa dia cakap?
mouse potato: this bitch aint eating right. why is it only the 1st part of the stool sakit, then everything easily flows out?
earl.grey: i think 1st part is like penis-head shaped, u knw? or mushroom-like.

borat: hello! my name borat. i like you. i like sex!
earl.grey: fuck off. go drink water, you ninny.

botanist: i went to flooded area.
earl.grey: oh….i’m so proud of you.
botanist: nope, it wasn’t really to help. HAHAHA.
earl.grey: omg! you were looting!?


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