in the land of make believe

Izzi Pizza is having a promotion where if you eat a minimum total of RM110 (excluding alcohol and pastries, damn) and pay using a Citibank credit card, you get 60% off your bill. That sounded amazing so Stinky, The Ret and I went a couple days ago to pig out. It was hilarious. All 3 of us have been conditioned to order cheap items off the menu for so long that it was almost painful to order the RM8.8 pineapple juice and the RM35 steak & pasta dish. The Ret at first tried to get mineral water and we had to screech at her to order ‘something more expensive, dammit!’ And since none of us could count up to 100, we all used our calculators to check whether our orders reached the magical RM110. Hahahaha….and so the hilarity went on till The Ret spilled tomato soup on my phone and I went into a sulk.

Boss#3 is a movie fan and has suffered from the recent operation against pirates. It never hurts to make your boss happy so I offered to lend him some from Stinky’s vast collection. One was Grave of the Fireflies, one of my personal favourites. This movie is so beautiful and heartwrenchingly sad that just thinking about it makes me cry sometimes. Read Ebert’s review about it and you get the feeling he too was deeply affected by the movie. I sometimes wonder if Dubya had seen it before Afghanistan and Iraq, would he have gone on with his war on terror? I’ve been desperately trying to get my hands on the English version of the book the movie was based on but so far no luck. Shit, I’m all teary eyed now.

I’ve found that if I turn off the lights in the ladies’ loo at the office, it’s still bright enough so that on most days someone won’t switch on the lights till after lunch. I feel so guilty each time I screw up plots that are inches thick that it makes me feel good trying to be green.

Today at 3pm, our department will find out who our new boss will be. Oooohhh scary.


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