rewritten by machines on new technology

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guilty, originally uploaded by grouchiosa.

Met Nini and her sister, Intan, today after 2 long years of just hellos and goodbyes on MSN. It was good. Seeing how fit Nini was stopped me from bingeing on the awesome daging dinding at Berjaya. Plus it’s kinda hard to chew when you’re trying to politely ask, “Just how much money will I make?” without sounding like a crass and money-mad eejit.

It’s been a good day. Rained all afternoon and evening so Atti, George and I have been snuggling up to each other and snoozing. If you don’t mind getting occasionally stepped on, fish-breath and cat hair, sleeping next to a warm purr-machine is the greatest lazy, rainy Saturday activity you can indulge in.

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