only the echoes of my mind

Everytime I play Tennessee Waltz, I listen to the lyrics and think what a shitty ‘friend’ and boyfriend the singer has. Poor thing. I hope she burned their house down. And poked holes in their car tyres.

Dali has found me the most perfect tshirt! I will so get it if I’m ever in the States again. Getting it shipped here would be a nightmare. Or maybe I’ll just get Shah to copy the design and make me one. Hmm…now that’s an idea. Do I feel guilty about copyright issues? Hmm… Let me think about it. You’ll see the answer on my chest.

I found this website that counts calories of the food you eat and designs a weight-loss programme for members – all for free. I’ve been having fun checking the calories of my favourite foods. According to the site, I can achieve my target weight of 50kgs by August if I were to restrict myself to a daily calorie intake of about 1200 give or take. I asked Stinky what he thought.

me: Do you think I can do it, beebs?
Stinky: Of course, you can! You just need to be more disciplined.
me: Okaaay. Can I wear slutty clothes if I succeed?
Stinky: Of course, sayang! (and kindly pats my back)
me: *gasp* Ohhh! You meanie! You don’t think I can do it!
Stinky: Hahhahahaa…

Stinky very rarely ticks me off about my clothes, except the occasional times I insist on not wearing a bra when we go backpacking. But when I point out the kind of hotpants and navel-baring tops I intend to wear should I ever reach my weight goal and he nods and smiles, I smell a rat. A Stinky one. Hehehe.

Lesson of the week: Apricots make good poop.


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