if you asked me for a nickel, i’d maybe give you a dime

Stinky’s tshirt: Lil Soap.

Stinky likes to chide me for letting people annoy me too easily. He used to do it when I was still annoyed by something and of course, this just made me madder. He knows now to wait till I’ve simmered down to impart his little advice. By then I’m less likely to burst/morph into a snarling monster. People like me get annoyed at a million things, a million times a day, and it ceases to surprise or scare anyone. But it’s when people like Stinky get mad, that things get really frightening. You know, the quiet good natured type suddenly going ballistic? Well, that’s what happened yesterday with Stinks and it wasn’t a pretty sight. You know you better watch your step when even the offer of an icecream cone from Baskin Robbins is met with a silent stare.

My mom wants to buy pops a new handphone for his birthday and has unfortunately settled on the Nokia N73. She thinks it costs only RM800. Guess who has to fork out the balance? Sigh.


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