hook up with me at the rally

at your service, originally uploaded by grouchiosa.

I’m feeling all sorry for myself for having to spend both Saturday and Sunday at the office. I shouldn’t though. If I were to truly be honest with myself, it’s my own bloody fault anyway. I’ve been feeling so lethargic and demotivated lately, even with the mountain of projects staring me in the face. I get to work before 0800 and at 1900 when I assess what I’ve done for the day, it amounts to pathetically little. I miss the days when the most pressing thing I had to do was process and interpret data. Now it’s schmoozing with clients, tweaking proposals, fighting buggy software and cooking up new technology to sell. Managerial material I am not. Just leave this nerd be. Sigh. It’s at times like this when selling coca cola in a hut by the beach sounds impossibly lovely.

One silver lining is that this personal slump is happening early in the year when there are long weekends and public holidays aplenty. I live for the weekends when the alarm doesn’t need setting and there are no traffic jams to battle. The fridge is stocked with frozen soups and pasta sauce so there isn’t even a need to go down to 7E for anything, except if the milk runs out. I’ve also been skipping Sunday school, which is very very very very bad of me. Like skiving weekdays and having to pay back by working weekends, I know this’ll come back to bite me in the ass one day. Perhaps in the form of a marathon Saturday cathechism class. Oh God, just kill me now. The things I do to please my mom.

I may or may not go whitewater rafting next week. This means I need to go to the gym more often and build some semblance of stamina. Lil is liable to kill me if I don’t row/steer my share in the raft. I don’t fancy getting whacked in the butt with her paddle.

OK, back to work. I HATE neural network.


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