says who? says azamat!

Last night I bought a new gadget. Now me being me, of course I got all excited and believed that my quality of life would be improved by this new piece of technology. So I set the alarm on it and went to bed early, happily anticipating the new alarm waking me up at 0600 and me getting to work extra bright and early.

I woke up to birds chirping and the sun streaming through the windows. 0600 it was definitely not.

There goes my plan of sticking the new road tax sticker to the car. Out goes the window my hopes of tinkering with the setting of the car stereo and mp3 player. Goodbye getting to the office early and tweaking my CV and sending it to the headhunter who called on Monday. Instead I had to sit through one of the most horrendous morning traffic and when I arrived at the office, I found someone had stolen my low lactose milk AGAIN.

Who do I blame for all this? Why Stinky of course! He went away on a business trip so of course I had to buy a gadget to distract myself. If he ever goes on tour in the States or Japan, he’ll come back to see me with a brand new car. Hey…. now that’s not such a bad idea reallyyyy…..

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