perutku berkeroncong

I’m drinking Christmas tea I bought from IKEA. It has cloves, cinnamon, fruit pieces and other spices in it. I shouldn’t have bought it. I hate cloves. But when you go to the IKEA food section on NYE and are confronted with all sorts of holiday themed food, you kinda go nuts. Well, I went nuts.

Last night asked Linda to join me and Stinky for dinner at Hartamas. We went to Cats Whiskers and had a blast. Well, Linda more than me but I had fun too, especially since I found something that fit. Maybe those gym visits are starting to show some results! After an hour of shopping and dodging screaming children (one tried to snatch open the curtains of Linda’s dressing room), we gave up and joined Stinky at Lanna, a new Thai resto. Verdict? Yummyyyy. Couldn’t help but think that Rama 9 at KLCC served the same good food for a third of the price though. Hehe.

Tonight am going to the premiere of the movie Berbagi Suami. Got tickets courtesy of Ili and her friend at Blue Inc. I have no idea what the movie is about (sharing husbands?) but since I like one of the songs in the soundtrack, I’ll give it a try. I think what really sealed my decision is Cineleisure’s proximity to IKEA. IKEA and their gingerbread cookies.


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