how about going to the dog park?

After 27 years of living, you’d think that I’d know better by now, but everytime January 1st comes rolling by, I expect the day to be extra special. Don’t ask me how….. just special. The expectation starts a second after midnight and inevitably around midnight January 2nd, I again have to accept that, no, it was just another ordinary day. Hehehe. Stinky asked me once, “What is it you want to happen, love?” I honestly don’t know, beebs. It’s just something you have to bear with every year. Oh, it also happens on January 5th – ze special day of moi.

I have selected 3 DVDs to watch tonight. I’ve been bad and dug out Cinema Paradiso. I also dusted off In the Mood for Love. To counter all the weepiness that’s bound to happen, I’ve also included Life of Brian. An excellent choice for this Advent season.

Anywaaaay, here’s the first gig alert from me for 2007. Aidil is organising another shindig at Little Havana. Named Ada Apa Dengan Pop, the gig will showcase Sore from Indonesia and a great local find named Hujan. I was shocked when Aidil texted me over Christmas saying that Sore were playing. I remember clearly when I first heard of them. I was on the Ekspres Senandung Malam train to Singapore in 2005 and Stinky was reading aloud from Time magazine. Sore’s album was tipped as 5 Asian albums worth buying. Imagine my absolute delight when I got my hands on their album a few months later and got to sample some heavenly Indonesian food with Ade and his lovely family. I’ve been listening to their Centralismo album again recently and it sounds just as delicious as the first time. So do yourself a favour and come. You won’t regret the experience.

I can’t say much about Hujan, but after listening to their songs on myspace, I’m pretty impressed. They sound great! Good songs and the frontman’s voice is smoooooth. I hope they sound as great live!

I’m still keeping my fingers crossed that Ferns will make the gig. I’d really like to congratulate them and Couple on making the Rolling Stone Top 25 Bands of Myspace. But if they can’t, Couple and Dolly the Sheep will still be there to rock your ass off. Hope to see y’all there. If none of the bands appeal to you, rest assured that a celebrity blogger will also be there for you to gawk at. If that doesn’t tickle your fancy either, just come to wish this Grouch a happy birthdaylah. Pleaaaaaase.

Uh, no flyers this time. Shah is busy.

Ada Apa Dengan Pop
Venue: Little Havana, Changkat Bukit Bintang
Date: 5 January 2007 (Friday)
Time: I hesitate to say 8pm. How about 8pm-ish?
Entry: RM15 plus a drink
Bands: Dolly the Sheep, Ferns (maybe), Hujan, Couple and Sore
If you’re lost, call Aidil at 017-3568994.


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