Couple and Rolling Stone magazine Part 2

OK people, here’s a chance for you to do a good deed. The Rolling Stone contest thingy has officially ended but you can still put Couple in the running for the best myspace 25 bands of 2006 by going to this link here. Just go to the bottom of the page and tell the world why you like Couple. It could be anything! It could be you think Ariana is cute, it could be you like Couple ‘coz Shahrin takes off his shirt when he plays, it could be you like Ojoe’s manic dancing OR it could be ‘coz you think Aidil’s ass is pert and sexy and would like to pinch and pat it (hello Lil!).
Whatever it is, if you like Couple, go and say something. Just them getting featured is like giving a finger to all those hipsters in the scene. If Couple do get selected as the final 25 and you helped them get there, it’s like a collective shit smear on all those annoying, arrogant people who think they have good taste and like to give each other handjobs. Sorry for the rant there. I guess I’ve just had enough of being told what to like and to be dissed when I admit I don’t favour what is currently the flavour-of-the-month.

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