Couple and Rolling Stone magazine

Friends, do I have some great news to share.

Couple has been chosen to be in the final round of Rolling Stone (USA) magazine’s Best Bands on Myspace contest.

Right now the Rolling Stone magazine staff has chosen them to be one of the top 5 bands of the day.

What they need you to do is to ask all your friends (and you!) to go to the link below and vote for Couple by leaving a comment saying how much they like the song “Now That I Can See” and Couple. Hopefully when the thing ends on the 22nd of December, they’ll be one of the lucky 25! OMG I am so chuffed!

Do help. These kids are great musicians as well as people. Feel free to spread the news to your friends. Feel free to copy and paste this post on your site! I’m not asking you to, this is a command! Hehehhe..Way to go, Couple. Man, am I proud of you guys.

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