sometimes i can count up to 10

Ojoe and Ariana outside a gay bar.

I don’t really have anything I want to rant and rave about, well actually I do but it is not fit for polite society, so I thought I’d share with you certain websites that have caught my eye recently.

Grist is something I found courtesy of Dali’s daily wacky website suggestions (hey woman, sudah lama tiada wacky website links!). Grist is not wacky though. It is an incredibly informative site should you want to educate yourself on environmental issues. I recommend subscribing to its RSS feed and just get alerts via your newsreader (I use as they have a lot of very interesting articles every day and using a newsreader just saves time. Maybe I should just post Dali’s daily site suggestions but I don’t think everyone shares our love for egg coddlers, egg cups, wearable bows, wet cats and soft boiled egg makers. So I’ll just filter out the really good ones and share them here, making me look smart while Dali does the dirty slogging.

LibraryThing (I found this on my own! hehe) is like Myspace, Flickr or Audioscrobbler for book lovers. You can build a database of books you own, want, have read, etc., and tag them. You can also submit reviews on the book and see how many people have the same book. There are also links to bookswapping sites who have or want the book. A free account lets you catalogue 200 books. A paid account gives you limitless book cataloging heaven. I have finished cataloging the books in my office and have started to make inroads on the ones at home. It’s so damn fun. Wow. I think I mentioned the word ‘book’ at least 10 times in this paragraph. Anyway, if you think LibraryThing is a bit too geeky for you, Shelfari is a funner way of showing off your book collection. It’s still in beta so be patient but it’s still great and offers limitless book adding capabilities.

Ok, that’s all for today. Let’s see what pops up later.

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