kenapa pop tak masuk radio?

The gig last night was fun. I like being in charge of tickets as it keeps boredom at bay and gives me a good excuse to not have to pretend to be enthusiastic at every band’s performance. To be fair though, last night’s 4 bands were cherry-picked for their awesomeness and they did not disappoint. The only weak link in the line-up were Dolly the Sheep (I just love that name, very bestial), but I put it down more to nervousness and inexperience than lack of talent. Their CD kicks ass, so there must be talent hiding somewhere. The Pinholes, well, they are friends as well as super performers but there is no hint of bias when I say I love them to bits. All those hipsters going on and on about Bittersweet dressing up nicely should see these boys from across the Causeway. Vintage, class and honest-to-goodness enthusiasm will always win over sullen looks and a ciplak Burberry scarf, sweetheart. As does good dental hygiene. Haha…. see no bias at all!

Anyway, Couple delivered as always, and a standing ovation must be given to Ariana who was sick as a dog but danced and rocked like the trooper she is. I would have crawled under a bed and howled. It was also entertaining to see members of Couple’s Alumni having a good time. The way they could sing along to most of the songs shows that although time and circumstances may have taken them on different paths, some things are not forgotten.

Now for Popland. I thoroughly enjoyed their set from downstairs with my book and mojitos. A fitting choice as the gig’s headliner.


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